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Crafty Christmas countdown

With only 5 weeks until Christmas (Yay!) I thought I would share with you each week a different Christmas decoration you can have a go at making either yourselves or with the rest of the family.

This week is how to make a 3D snowflake, all you need is: 5 sheets of A4 paper, scissors, sellotape, needle, thread and a stapler.







Take the first sheet of paper and fold like the picture below and cut along the edge of the part just folded.







Once cut you should be left with a triangle. Fold this triangle in half again with the fold edge at the top, cut three parallel lines stopping about 1cm from the top.







Unfold the paper and lay flat. You should be able to see four diamonds.







Roll the two smallest triangles into a tube shape and tape.







Now flip it over so the tube you’ve just done is underneath and tape the next two triangles into a tube shape.







Flip again and tape the third set of triangles, then flip and tape the last pair until they are all taped and look like the picture below.







Repeat this for the remaining 4 pieces of paper. You then need to match the bottom corners all together and staple.







Staple where each of the 5 arms touch, this should leave you with a nice snowflake shape. To finish off, simply use a needle and thread to create a loop to hang the snowflake from and ta dah! a simple very effective snowflake.








On sale now!

Some cushions I made are now available in store at Uniquely Eclectic. The fabric used was from the Celeste collection at Villa Nova.



This is a great project for anyone to try whether it’s to decorate something for a room, a gift or if you’ve run out of ideas to keep the kids occupied over the holidays. Decoupage involves decorating with paper, this can be magazine clippings, pictures or specific decoupage paper. All you need to decoupage is your paper, PVA glue, scissors, paint brush and newspaper (to protect your work surface).

One you have decided what you are going to decoupage you simply glue where you are going to stick your paper.


Stick on the paper and then glue on top of the paper you just stuck down to help it stick and protect it.


Once you have covered all areas give it all one more coat of glue to give it a nice varnish look and voilà!






A new gallery page has been added to the website! Here you can see pictures of my work with new ones being added regularly, any questions feel free to get in touch via the website or Facebook.

Feature Wall

With spring nearly upon us it’s time to start giving rooms a bit of a re-vamp. If you have a plain wall you want to liven up then this can be a great idea to make it more of a feature wall. All you need is some fabric in whatever style and colour you like and an array of embroidery rings in different sizes.

Back of embroidery ring

All you need to do is loosen off the larger ring so the smaller one comes off then simply place your chosen fabric over the small ring lining it up making sure any patterns are level and straight. Once you are happy with the position place the larger ring over the top and tighten the screw. Next turn over the ring so you can see the back then all that needs to be done is trim the fabric off as seen above.

Feature Wall

 Once you have made as many as you like you can then display them similar to above placing them where you like. They can be closer together or spread out a bit more if covering a larger wall.


If you want to add a bit more detail you can appliqué different shapes or even add detail such as buttons or sequins.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from me………

Lavender heart

and from Fara.

Fara Valentines Day