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Toy Box

One of my recent little jobs was to re-cover this toy box and it proved to be a little trickier than expected. Although once I got going it turned out great.


IMG_20150309_135724 (1)








2015-03-27 12.09.37

Crafty Christmas Countdown – Paper Star

Last time I showed you how to make a lovely 3D snowflake which can be seen here. This week I am going to show you how to make a paper star and all you need is a square piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

First take your piece of paper and fold it in half,


Next fold the bottom left corner to the top and back again.


Fold the top left corner to the bottom and back again.


This should leave you with a X-shaped crease on the left hand side.


Now fold the bottom right corner to the centre of the x-shaped crease.


Fold the top layer in half.


Fold up the bottom edge to meet with the top layer.


Now turn the paper over and fold in half.


Cut along the edge of the top layer.


Unfold and you should be left with a pentagon.


If your paper is patterned on one side like mine then turn it over so the patterned side is facing down. You should be able to see creases going through each point. The next step is to fold up the bottom edge so the corners meet the creases and unfold.


Do this for all sides and you should be left with creases which look like a star.


Next you need to fold in the left side along the crease just made, then fold up the bottom edge and at the same time pull the corner of the pentagon out to the left and press flat. It should look like this.


Unfold and repeat the same for all sides. Now using both hands pinch all the corners of the pentagon pushing towards the middle, with a bit of wriggling move your hands clockwise and it should then form the shape of a star like this.


Turn over the star and fold the inner point to the centre.


Repeat this all the way round folding to the centre, the last one might be a little fiddly. You should now have a finished star!



Crafty Christmas countdown

With only 5 weeks until Christmas (Yay!) I thought I would share with you each week a different Christmas decoration you can have a go at making either yourselves or with the rest of the family.

This week is how to make a 3D snowflake, all you need is: 5 sheets of A4 paper, scissors, sellotape, needle, thread and a stapler.







Take the first sheet of paper and fold like the picture below and cut along the edge of the part just folded.







Once cut you should be left with a triangle. Fold this triangle in half again with the fold edge at the top, cut three parallel lines stopping about 1cm from the top.







Unfold the paper and lay flat. You should be able to see four diamonds.







Roll the two smallest triangles into a tube shape and tape.







Now flip it over so the tube you’ve just done is underneath and tape the next two triangles into a tube shape.







Flip again and tape the third set of triangles, then flip and tape the last pair until they are all taped and look like the picture below.







Repeat this for the remaining 4 pieces of paper. You then need to match the bottom corners all together and staple.







Staple where each of the 5 arms touch, this should leave you with a nice snowflake shape. To finish off, simply use a needle and thread to create a loop to hang the snowflake from and ta dah! a simple very effective snowflake.








Something New

So this morning I went an tried something new, and that something new was forging. It proved to be very challenging and physical yet definitely enjoyable. It’s amazing what you can achieve with different techniques and tools.
Today I had a go at a round tapered scroll and a S-hook with a twist and for a first go I was impressed at what I had achieved. Will definitely be having another go, you never know what I might come up with. Watch this space!

Triple Pleat Curtains

These are the latest curtains that I have made for a client. The fabric used was Dotty Berry by Clarke and Clarke with a blackout lining as they are for the bedroom.

Triple pleatAll curtains and headings are done by hand giving them their unique touch, the triple pleat heading adds something different to the room than the normal pencil pleat heading. I also think it works particularly well with this fabric.

Triple pleat

Feature Wall

With spring nearly upon us it’s time to start giving rooms a bit of a re-vamp. If you have a plain wall you want to liven up then this can be a great idea to make it more of a feature wall. All you need is some fabric in whatever style and colour you like and an array of embroidery rings in different sizes.

Back of embroidery ring

All you need to do is loosen off the larger ring so the smaller one comes off then simply place your chosen fabric over the small ring lining it up making sure any patterns are level and straight. Once you are happy with the position place the larger ring over the top and tighten the screw. Next turn over the ring so you can see the back then all that needs to be done is trim the fabric off as seen above.

Feature Wall

 Once you have made as many as you like you can then display them similar to above placing them where you like. They can be closer together or spread out a bit more if covering a larger wall.


If you want to add a bit more detail you can appliqué different shapes or even add detail such as buttons or sequins.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from me………

Lavender heart

and from Fara.

Fara Valentines Day

Molly and her new dog bed

Molly received her new dog bed today for when she goes to work.Molly on her new dog bed

The fabric chosen was Voyage Remus Cranberry by Voyage Decoration. I made the bed using a deep box cushion providing Molly with that extra comfort while she is hard at work.Molly

But it seems Thalia decided that she wanted to use it too!

Uniquely Eclectic

Check out my friends shop Uniquely Eclectic based in the very popular North Norfolk town of Holt. Their shop includes a mix of contemporary and retro furniture to suit everyone.

uniquely eclectic



I made this noticeboard for my friend and her new dog grooming salon Annabel’s Country Canines. I used a fabric called Hollyfield by Ashley Wilde. This would also be great in an office or a bedroom to keep letters and notes tidied away.

notice board
They’re simple to make, all you need is a canvas in any size, your main fabric, interlining in the same size to give a bit of padding and a staple gun. Then with the interlining then fabric on top line it up to where you want it and staple in place. You can add extras such as ribbon and buttons to make it look pretty.