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Catch up

Apologies for the lack of updating the blog have been a busy bee working with the added addition of organising a wedding.

Carrying on from my previous blog Best of Friends I have since made curtains for Isla’s brother and sisters. Starting with Elsa’s bedroom, she had her curtains made in a fabric called Jubilee Square by Sanderson. She also had a pelmet and a set of tiebacks to go with it. The girls couldn’t resist getting in the photo!

jubilee square

Up next was brother Noah who picked this cool graffiti fabric which can be bought from Textile Express. As you can see a perfect choice for a boy’s bedroom.


Finally was May’s bedroom and she had her curtains and pelmet made in a fabric by Fryett’s called Diamante. The curtains and fabric also featured a pom pom trim to add that extra touch.


Best of Friends continued

From a previous blog that can be seen here, yesterday I went and put up the curtains and pelmet made from the lovely material called Best of Friends by Harlequin. I think the fabric choice was perfect for a little girls bedroom. The curtains had interlining to stop any drafts coming in through the window and blackout lining to stop any light coming through. Going by Isla’s big smile when she saw them its safe to say she liked them, especially the glittery detail on the fabric.


Best of Friends

Excited to be starting a new pair of curtains today with this lovely children’s fabric by Harlequin called best of friends. Going to look great when they’re finished.

Best of friends



Twit Twoo

Just finished my latest project making some triple pleat blackout curtains for a children’s bedroom. This fabric from Fryetts certainly put my pattern matching skills to the test! I hope the kids like them as much as I do : )

Triple Pleat Owl


A new gallery page has been added to the website! Here you can see pictures of my work with new ones being added regularly, any questions feel free to get in touch via the website or Facebook.

Triple Pleat Curtains

These are the latest curtains that I have made for a client. The fabric used was Dotty Berry by Clarke and Clarke with a blackout lining as they are for the bedroom.

Triple pleatAll curtains and headings are done by hand giving them their unique touch, the triple pleat heading adds something different to the room than the normal pencil pleat heading. I also think it works particularly well with this fabric.

Triple pleat